London’s Mulsim Mayor Declares “Knife Control” Policy

Knife Ban
Perhaps a ban of another sort would be more effective at getting to the root of the problem?

Following a wave of knife violence—which left London with more murders in 2018 than New York City—London’s mayor Sadiq Khan has announced draconian new “knife control” measures.

“No excuses: there is never a reason to carry a knife. Anyone who does will be caught, and they will feel the full force of the law,” said Khan, via Twitter.

He also announced his plan to stop the violence—by increasing police presence, with controversial “stop and search” in neighborhoods with a lot of knife crime. Khan also urged individual citizens to tell the government if their family members were carrying a knife.

Khan declared that his new plan to combat knife crimes would be “tough” and “immediate.”

According to sources, the increased violence in Britain’s largest city has even become a national issue—with Parliament set to take up “knife control” legislation this week.