Liberals Stage Self-Beating at James O’Keefe Political Event

Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe was speaking recently at a “Friends of Abe” event when paid liberal activists disrupted the event and were removed from the event.

The activists, Ryan Clayton and Jason Charter claim they were assaulted at the event and hospitalized.

Charter released a photo of himself in the hospital wearing a neck brace.

However after review of the footage, the “assault” was laughable.

One of the men, as he was being removed from the event, threw himself down a staircase and had to stop and push himself the rest of the way down the stairs to continue his “plummet.”

The claims he was “kicked in the head” as one of the men tried to step down the stairs and his head got in the way.

Here’s O’Keefe’s take on the event:

Project Veritas has been targeted by the same group that Clayton and Charter belong to which poses as a media outlet, Undercurrent.

Watch the (biased) video above but skip to the 7 minutes mark to see the laughable tumble.