While Liberals Ignore, Conservatives Heap Praise on Female Naval Commander who Pushed Button

USS Porter conducting night operations

The two words used by liberals to describe women who are “oppressed” by Republicans, such as Senator Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton, are “She Persisted.” However, on Saturday, it was the conservatives who took to twitter to use the moniker to describe the woman who fired about half of the tomahawk missiles that hit a Syrian air base, US Navy Commander Andria Slough. As soon as it was publicized that it was her who commanded the warship that fired the missiles, she was hailed a hero and a role model for young women around the world.

Commander Slough is in command of the USS Porter, one of the US Navy warships stationed in the Mediterranean Sea and one of the two that fired missiles on the Shayrat airfield in Syria. The airfield was reportedly used to carry out chemical attacks on a rebel-controlled village in northern Syria.

According to Capital Gazette, Commander Slough is a graduate of the US Naval Academy. The Capital Gazette writes:

“During her military career, Slough has served as a combat information center officer and an auxiliaries and electrical officer with the USS O’Brien. She’s also served as a weapons officer in the USS The Sullivans and executive and commanding officer USS Defender, according to the Navy’s website. She’s the former deputy director for the Joint Maritime Ballistic Missile Defense Operations and Training.

Slough has a received awards like the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Pacific Fleet Shiphandler of the Year and the VADM John D. Bulkeley Leadership Award.”

While liberal women are quick to laud women who show courage, valor and nobility, there was no sign of any praise for Slough, who showed more courage and bravery in the face of brutality, than any women the Left is so fond of.

However, it was good to see that the conservatives didn’t leave her show of bravery go unnoticed. They took to Twitter, and using the same #ShePersisted and #IAmWithHer hashtags, honored her and celebrated her actions.