Why Do Liberals Hate This Gay, Jewish, Immigrant?

Milo Yiannopoulos is a gay, Jewish immigrant that liberals hate, but why? Here is what they say about him.

The truth is, Milo is none of those things, but he is a favorite target of the left.

Wednesday night, Milo was planning to speak at U.C. Berkeley when a massive protest turned violent and destructive. Windows shattered, fires started, and Milo had to be rushed to a car with a bulletproof vest on.

All of the protestors that were calling Milo a fascist were literally shutting down free speech. Ironic isn’t it, but it is best understood if you hear it from Milo himself.

See his first interview since the incident with Tucker Carlson from Fox News.

The riots really show how out of touch the left is right now, and what they are up against. One way the right shows support is buy buying stuff. In this case, Milo’s soon to be released book called “Dangerous” saw a huge spike in sales. In fact, 12,740% spike to be exact.

The left is making the people they hate more popular and their strategy isn’t working, but that doesn’t bother Milo. He is loving that the left is showing their true colors.

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