Liberal Veterans Group Takes Shot at President Trump, Another Veteran Inspires on his Own

A new ad created by the group, takes a shot at President Trump “killing the Affordable Care Act and banning Muslims.”

The ad uses the sympathetic view of a veteran missing a leg but working out while a narrator voices the man’s opinion.

The group which claims to be the “Voice of America’s 21st Century Patriots” is shadowing and operates both a Political Action Committee and a 501(c)4 non-profit entity.

A copy of the group’s IRS form 990 from 2014 shows significant funding of $5.7 million in revenue that year.

Given the VoteVet’s low cost of fundraising, at less than 10% of income, most of the group’s revenue comes from high-dollar donations. According to the 990, the group received a gift as large as $805,000 with many gifts above $100,000.

That year the group also gave $3 million to 527’s (Political Action Committees) for campaign related activities.

The VoteVet’s new ad is gaining attention on YouTube for the use of a disabled veteran.

Countering VoteVet’s ad is a man named Omar “Crisply” Avila who was severely burned in an IED explosion while serving in Iraq.

Avila, a Trump supporter, is seen below deadlifting 535 pounds . . . with his prosthetic leg on without complaint.

When it comes to take advise from a service-disabled veteran, while all of their sacrifices are appreciated, 38,000 people prefer to listen to Avila for inspiration and a truly patriotic message.

While “Crispy” isn’t backed by millionaires and a non-profit organization, he has been serving the nation for years by inspiring others to overcome challenges in their lives and take responsibility for their own success.

And he survived this:

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