Liberal environmentalists hastening the spread of Coronavirus


Liberal environmental policies are out the window in some of the most left-wing cities in America… because they’re hastening the spread of Coronavirus.

San Francisco has announced a ban on reusable grocery bags, as a sanitary measure.

It’s a huge change for the liberal city: San Francisco was the first municipality in the country to ban plastic bags, 13 years ago. The state of California followed suit, banning plastic bags statewide in 2016.

Environmentalists fear that Coronavirus could have a lasting impact on the fight for a more “green” society–with the new ban on reusable, eco-friendly bags representing just the beginning.

“This fear of bringing reusable bags into the stores is misguided, but I certainly understand why store employees don’t want to handle somebody else’s things,” said Mark Murray, executive director of Californians Against Waste. “I wouldn’t have any expectation that somebody is going to put my groceries into my bag that I brought from home.”

Muray is working with union representatives, as well as the grocery industry, to get statewide guidance from California Gov. Gavin Newsom–apparently, to help overrule San Francisco.

But Murray and other environmentalists may be swimming against the tide: Seattle has also announced they would ban reusable grocery bags in order to keep people safe, and companies like Starbucks have also announced they would stop filling customer-provided reusable mugs.