Just Sad: GOP’s “Obamacare Lite” Plan Backed by Trump

The GOP let us down again. Why is Trump falling for it?

On the outset of the Trump Administration, the new president and his advisors moved at such a breakneck pace, that the media, and their liberal opponents could not keep up the pace.

After the failure of the first travel ban, President Trump was forced to pause to evaluate all aspects of his orders to ensure they survive.

After a month without any significant movement on immigration, taxes or health care, the Trump Administration unleashed on Monday morning with a new travel ban that eased up restrictions on Iraq, followed by a bombshell replacement for Obamacare.

The reaction to the plan from the conservative and libertarian movements is not good.

The new plan has been called “Obamacare Lite,” “Obamacare Heavy,” “RINOCare” and by others call it “Dumbshit Stupid.”

The plan, which maintains nearly all facets of Obamacare (just reshuffling how benefits are awarded), also grants $110 billion to states, bails out the health insurance industry, and falls down on every promise made by both Donald Trump and others who have campaigned to “repeal and replace” Obamacare.

Insurance will still be restricted within each state, limiting competition (the preference of health insurance providers) and coverage for preexisting conditions will still be the law resulting in even higher insurance premiums.

In pushing the GOP healthcare bill today, White House Spokesman Sean Spicer said the plan will allow tax breaks for employers, small business owners and sole proprietorships, “something that doesn’t happen now.”

Business owners are allowed under current IRS rules to write off all health insurance expenses for themselves and their families.

The administration and Congressional leaders are already grasping at straws to defend the disaster of a plan and they haven’t even hit the 24-hour mark since its release.

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