ISIS Urges Attacks In America As We Attack Fallujah


During the Iraq war, the battles that went on in Fallujah are haunting to many of the service men and women who fought to take the city– only to have it taken over by ISIS a few years later.

Right now the US is engaged in airstrikes as Iraqi forces are fighting to take back the city from ISIS. The fighting is really intensifying in Iraqi and Syria and ISIS just released a new call to arms for lone wolves in America and Europe.

ISIS, through its new media wing, released an audio track with Abu Mohammed al-Adnani telling his followers: “the tiniest action you do in the heart of their land is dearer to us than the biggest action by us … there are no innocents in the heart of the lands of the Crusaders.”

Recently ISIS has lost some ground in Iraq and the fall of Fallujah would be a major blow to the terrorist state. That would be one loss that ISIS not going to take lightly.

With the crashing of Egypt Air last week, it looks like ISIS is expanding its tactics and strategy, and lone wolf attacks in the US would help their cause.

The message does sound slightly desperate as the group is losing ground in the Middle East. They are calling for all who support them to either come to Syria or commit to whatever attacks they are capable of.

The scary thing is that somebody will listen and go out and try to do something crazy.

There are no reports of any major plans in progress like the Paris or Belgium attacks, but we never know.

As long as we can keep the fighting and keep the pressure in the Middle East high, hopefully the number of domestic attacks will decrease.

For now the airstrikes seem to be working as long as they are being used to help local ground troops take back the fallen cities like Fallujah, but time will tell if the pressure will stop the attacks here and in Europe. Or will they make them more desperate and deadly.