ISIS Has A New Highly Trained Ally

ISIS is now teaming up with a scary ally that could put Israel and America in their immediate cross hairs.

The Palestinian militant group, Hamas has sent it’s top commandos to train with ISIS in Egypt and the partnership is a scary development for Israel and the west.

Hamas, who has trained child soldiers and committed terror acts all over the middle east, is joining the most ruthless group of terrorists it the world today.

With the two working together, and the attacks heating up on the Palestine and Israeli border could mean that ISIS and Hamas are looking to have a major fight with Israel.

One of the biggest worries of the new axis-of-evil is that a lot of the reported bomb makers from Hamas have found their way to ISIS and are now working with the terrorist group according to a report from the Sun in the UK.

Although the groups are thought to be training and meeting in Egypt, and despite a large ISIS military presence in the country, Egyptian government officials claim there is no co-operation with ISIS or Hamas.

Thursday, ISIS took credit for rocket fire that was shot from Egypt to an a report in the Jerusalem Post.

An Israeli army official said that the rockets didn’t cause any casualties. Three of the four rockets were intercepted by the missile defense system called Iron Dome that that worked perfectly.

One additional rocket that was fired by ISIS fell short of the city and didn’t harm anyone.

Tensions are running high in the area and now that ISIS is gaining some new highly trained soldiers and bomb makers, something big could be on the horizon and Israel could be the target.

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