Is Obama Helping By Campaigning For Democrats?

Barrack Obama

When president Obama left office we was pretty quiet for a while. Vacationing in Hawaii, riding jet skis and enjoying some time off. Now that the Democrats are in a heated battle to win back the House and Senate, he has been called back to duty. But is he helping?

Having a former president will always help with rally attendance, a boost in donations and some extra media coverage. Will it help in the polls though?

Obama had a rally in Nevada to campaign primarily for Rep. Jacky Rosen running for Senate. During his speech he attacked Trump by comparing the administration to a “tin-pot dictatorship.”

The former president continued to go after Republicans and Trump, but somehow managed to speak about himself 92 times during a 38-minute speech. See for yourself.

Is Obama going to pull any Independents to the left with appearances like this? George Bush took it in the teeth from Obama during the 2008 election. Then Senator Obama blamed Bush for everything. When Obama won, George Bush stayed out of the spotlight.

Obama might want to think about doing the same thing right now. Doing campaign rallies in gymnasiums and stuttering through speeches could have the opposite effect and weaken his ability to pull a crowd over the long run.

See full speech here.

What do you think about Obama’s speech and his ability to help get people to the polls on Election Day?

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