Illegals Given More Welfare Than Americans


The Center for Immigration Studies released a report that shows illegal immigrants receive more welfare than Americans.

The average illegal immigrant household will receive on average $5,692 in welfare benefits every year. That doesn’t sound like a lot of money right?

Well, if that isn’t a lot, our welfare program is giving American citizens less money to survive.

The average American citizen household on welfare receives $4,431. The difference is shocking, over $1,200 less than a family that arrived here illegally.

Immigrant households receive almost double the food benefits, more Medicaid, and even more cash than the native households.

The numbers are incredible when you add it all up. America spends $103 billion a year to households headed by immigrants in welfare benefits.

Not only are we sending billions of dollars to foreign countries to help their poor and impoverished we are spending billions here to help those from other countries that live here.

Americans are last on the list.

It is clear that things are not going to change, at least in the short term. More illegals are coming across our southern border than ever before and we are even shipping in Syrians to help the crisis in Europe.

When are we going to stop putting Americans last?