Illegal Immigrant Rapes, Impregnates Disabled Teen

Illegal Alien
Hey Liberals - he's being "separated from his family" in jail... gonna complain about it?

An illegal immigrant in Maryland has been accused of raping a disabled thirteen-year-old girl, while he was supposed to be babysitting her in her home.

Reynaldo Mora, 41, was arrested on April 19 and charged with sex abuse of a minor, in addition to two counts of second-degree rape—after medical professionals alerted authorities that the girl was 11 weeks pregnant.

According to police, the victim, whose name has not been released, has the “intellect of a first grader,” and can only communicate through “gestures and writing.”

Mora was held in jail in Montgomery County, outside D.C., for 7 weeks until he was granted bail on June 1. However, because of his immigration status, he didn’t walk free—he was surrendered to federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers on June 6.

Mora maintains his innocence, and claims that a paternity test of the girl’s baby will prove that he’s not the father.

Mora’s trial is scheduled for October. If convicted, he faces up to 60 years in prison.