How Trump Spent Christmas And How Liberals Are Responding

Ospreys make perfect sleighs...

The president didn’t spend Christmas night partying and tweeting, but instead he went took a trip nobody expected.

President Trump traveled on Christmas like most Americans, but most of us try to avoid warzones when taking a trip. The President and the First Lady visited troops in Iraq on Christmas and it was quite a surprise.

The Commander in Chief visited the Al Asad Airbase in the western part of Iraq which is about a 120 miles from the Syrian border. The proximity to Syria is an attempt to reinforce Trump’s message that ISIS is “very nearly defeated” and to show strength.

The trip was the first to the area and critics on the left didn’t know how to respond to the surprise Christmas journey to Iraq.

CNN’s Don Lemon decided to pick apart what Trump said during the trip instead of focusing on the symbolic gesture. He even called Trump the “Grinch.”

CNN ran with a discussion about the president signing a “MAGA” hat and “Trump 2020” items.

Then there is The Hill that posted a story criticizing the president just hours before Trump’s trip became public knowledge. The Hill has since updated the story.

The president makes a lot of mistakes and brings a lot of his criticism on himself, but when he does something like visit our brave men and women over seas on Christmas… we should applaud him. He is doing what presidents are supposed to do.

What are your thoughts on Trump’s surprise Christmas trip?

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