Hollywood Backwards As Iran Calls For “Disintegration Of USA”

A chilling video released on YouTube shows Hassan Abbassi, an Iranian strategist, discussing how the Iranians are planning for the “disintegration of the USA”. Trump has his hands full with the terrorist assisting nation while Hollywood seems to turn a blind eye to all the negatives about Iran on only focuses on the positives.

Abbassi also claims that thousands of Iranians are already in America and ready to strike.

According to Reuters, Iran plans to launch new war games in the Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf just to make matters worse.

Iran was included in the “travel ban” that stopped immigration from seven countries that support terrorism which added to the tensions with the new administration.

Trump responded to a recent Iranian missile test by going to Twitter.

Abassi claims that it only took 11 people to plan 9/11 and there are thousands of Iranians in America ready to strike. All the missile tests, travel bans and violent rhetoric seems to be ignored by some on the left, especially in Hollywood.

The Iranian filmmaker Asghar Farhadi won an Oscar for the Best Foreign Language Film who didn’t show up to the award show to protest Trump and his “travel ban”. Many at the Oscars supported the director’s anti-Trump stance.

Hollywood fans praised the director and enjoyed another chance to point out why majority of Tinseltown doesn’t like Trump.

Hollywood may be out of touch with reality, but the relationship between Iran and the U.S. is not one to take lightly.

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