Hispanic Owned Barbecue Hosts ‘White Appreciation Day’ Celebration


In a new twist on an old idea, the new self-described “Hispanic” owners of Rubbin Buttz BBQ in Milliken, Colorado plan to offer a 10% “White Appreciation Day” discount to white patrons on June 11.

Owners Edgar Antillon and Miguel Jiminez say it is a tip of the hat to Black History Month, Hispanic History Month, Women’s History Month and other celebrations across the country each year honoring specific groups of people based on race, gender, ethnicity and other immutable characteristics.

In a tongue and cheek interview, Mr. Antillon explained it this way to 9News in Denver:

“We have a whole month for Hispanic Heritage Month, so we thought the least we could do was offer one day to appreciate white Americans.”

What started out as a musing became official when Antillon and Jiminez created and displayed a sign on the front window of their restaurant saying they would be kicking off an annual white appreciation day with the message: “Because all Americans should be celebrated!!”

It is not known for certain whether the event will take place as planned because any complaints about a special discount exclusively for whites filed with the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies will be investigated fully says Jennifer McPherson with the state civil rights division.

For his part, Antillon isn’t afraid of a little controversy and even invites it.

For starters, he is a firearms instructor who launched an initiative drive last year to allow legal marijuana users in Colorado to obtain concealed handgun permits. He also offers free concealed-carry classes at venues statewide through his organization, Guns for Everyone.

To measure whether there was any interest in his “White Appreciation Day” idea, Antillon floated a trial balloon about it on his Facebook page. For the most part, the reaction was positive although several people cautioned him about doing it.

One commenter said he shouldn’t “antagonize the people who’ll twist your point to make you look like something you’re not.” Antillon responds by saying:

“…some people will try to politicize the [expletive] out of it” but “It’s simply a day to celebrate White Heritage, like I celebrate my Mexican Heritage on September 16th (Mexican Independence), and celebrate my American Heritage on July 4th.”

One post on his Facebook page reads: “Free advertising on the NEWS”…“I’d say Go For It!”