High School Transgenders Raise A Stink Over Assigned Seating

Gender Confusion
Here's an idea: If there is no pleasing these ill people, why don't we simply stop trying?

Two transgender high schoolers from New York have complained that they were “discriminated against” because their bus driver expected them to sit in the gender-specified left aisle of the bus, as dictated by long standing school policy.

The two complaining transgenders, Leo Washington & Layla Sweenor claim to identify as “non-binary” – a term that they say means that they are neither male or female. They refused to sit on the “girls” side of the bus. In an interview the two transgenders claim, “[the bus driver] gave us this weird look and he told us to get to the girl’s side of the bus and we didn’t move because we felt more comfortable where we were sitting.” The transgender added, “When we tried to explain it to him, he started yelling at us to move to the other side of the bus.”

“It made me so angry and so upset that we were being discriminated against over something as trivial as gender identity — because it’s who we are. We can’t change it. It honestly just was a smack in the face.”

The town’s local newspaper, the Post-Star reported: “Sweenor said in an email to The Post-Star that the two students wanted to sit where they were most comfortable. Other students showed pages in the student handbook to the driver to show him that he cannot control them based on their gender expression. They also showed him the anti-discrimination law.”

“The whole time he said: ‘I don’t care. It’s my bus,’ and ‘I’m not moving till I get what I want.’ He treated us as if we were wrong,” Sweenor said.

“The whole experience was traumatic. I’ve been so terrified of my feelings and who I am and trying to be myself publicly has been horrifying,” Sweenor said. “Coming into high school was a scary thing to begin with, so members of school faculty need to be trained better on how to act.”

“Students should not be discriminated against because of their race, gender or sexuality in a place where they’re supposed to be safe to learn. We need to make schools a safe space for everyone,” Sweenor added.

The Superintendent of Schools Michael Patton expressed that they incident was tragic and highlighted that the school will take important measure to ensure that such an incident doesn’t happen again. Patton also expressed that he believed that the bus driver didn’t intend to decimate, but only wished to manage the school bus efficiently.  “That practice can never continue. We’ve got to come up with other ways to organize kids on a bus — as long as they’re following the rules and following expectations,” he said.

As culture, the media and institutions of higher learning continue to push the transgender agenda on American children of all ages, it will become increasingly common for strangely dressed and mentally fragile teenagers and children to emotionally lash out at the slightest perceived “provocation” against the “identity” they decided to take on that particular afternoon.

What is the world coming to?