Guess What Country Wants Obama To Run For President?

Faced with a candidate that is similar to Donald Trump, many French people want Obama to run for president.

France seems to be swinging to the right much like the U.K. did with Brexit and the United States did by electing Donald Trump.

Some in France are scared that the right will win and they are turning to the progressive poster child for help.

Obama isn’t going to become the first president of the USA and France, mainly because he isn’t French.

French liberals that are wondering why the country wants to move so far to the right in the next election should watch the news.

France has been plagued with violent terror attacks like the ones in Paris and Nice, but there are a lot more that happen without much attention.

This terrorist attack happened earlier this month.

Immigration issues motivated the Brexit vote and the election to put Trump in the White House.

Unless something miraculous happens in France and Obama becomes president, the French people could be the next country to stand up against dangerous immigration policies with their votes.

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