Government Workers Fail to Organize Advocacy Efforts During Shutdown

"Read the sign, we're closed"

As socialist freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is demanding Senate Republicans end the shutdown, furloughed and unpaid federal workers are doing very little aside from exchanging low-cost recipes and tips on filing for unemployment.

Sharing thoughts on the Facebook forum, “The Official Government Shutdown Group” over 2,400 people are busy ranting, venting, and generally wasting time rather than organizing.

The workers have been asked to call and petition Senate Republicans who could work with Congressional Democrats to reopen the government, but in true government fashion, they haven’t been able to do much.

Jacqueline Scott of Columbia, South Carolina posted to the group, “Our President has many issues, and does not operate like a normal person. HE IS NOT THE PERSON WHO HAS TO BE CONVINCED TO STOP THE SHUT DOWN. REPUBLICAN SENATORS CAN STOP THE SHUT DOWN WITHOUT HIM! CALL THEM WRITE THEM; DO SOMETHING!

The post received only 13 responses . . . mainly from the same handful of people.

The discussions to end the shutdown are so half-hearted that it would give readers the impression that government employees are enjoying their time off knowing they’ll receive their back pay.

In the meantime, the National Treasury Employees Union, National Air Traffic Controllers Association and five federal workers are waiting until January 31st to go back to court to seek a judicial remedy that would force the government to pay workers who are now reporting for duty yet going unpaid.

To the benefit of conservatives who support President Trump’s demand for border security, it appears that federal workers are unable to organize their way out of a wet paper bag, and are providing little influence that would get them back to work.