Government Doles Out $1.3 Million For Gay Videos

Gay Videos

Since 2011, the Centers for Disease Control has turned government from Uncle Sam to Uncle Santa for AIDs activists and the gay community.

In Los Angeles, the CDC has given the Alta Med Health Services Corporation $1.366,881 for HIV prevention . . . specifically for “Young Latino Men Who Have Sex with Men.”

The CDC’s grant specifically avoids the term “homosexual” or “gay” and also does not earmark the funds for U.S. citizens, only young, gay “latinos.”

The last grant was supplied in the amount of $264,216 in 2015. For 2016, the award has not been issued as of yet, but for the past three years, AltaMed has received an exact $264,216 each year.

According to AltaMed, they launched a campaign in 2015 that, “will feature a bilingual outreach campaign to gay clubs in Los Angeles as well as free screening and patient engagement navigation.”

The funds are also being put to use to produce educational videos that highlight the different lifestyles of gay Latino men, including “Cowboy, Fitness Buff, Day Laborer and Transgender/Drag Queen.”

Not for the faint of heart, here is a video paid for with your tax dollars to educate “Cowboy” Latino gays:

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