Gov Prepares To Push Gender Affirmative Action On To STEM Fields

NSF Funding
"Yea, I know you cured cancer, but there were no transgenders on your research staff - so the media doesn't care"

The National Science Foundation (NSF) is preparing to spend over half a million dollars to create online “Safe Zones” course for …You guessed it … Transgenders, and other sexual deviants.  This taxpayer funded online Safe Zone course will be aimed at STEM students across the nation, in order to ensure that the STEM disciplines are tolerant of transgenders.

The grant declares, “A chilly climate for LGBTQ individuals can be found in every sector of STEM professions, where cultural norms and professional ideologies make it difficult to recognize and rectify exclusionary practices.” It continues, “one negative consequence of this chilly environment is difficulty in recruiting and retaining talented LGBTQ individuals into the engineering profession.”

The goal of the project is simple – to fabricate “evidence” to justify affirmative action and hiring quotas for sexual deviants. Indeed, the grant’s explicit goal is that of, ” developing a community of practice to promote LGBTQ inclusion in engineering… reshaping norms and increasing LGBTQ inclusion in engineering departments.”

The study called “A Virtual Community of Practice to Promote LGBTQ Inclusion in Engineering,” will start in 2018, and will be conducted by the American Society for Engineering Education, Rowan University and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Keep in mind that the Republican Congress has granted the NSF over $7 billion in just 2017 alone, to study and pump money into such subversive and hair-brained projects.

Three representatives from each of the partner organizations, Stephanie Farrell, Rocio Chavela Guerra, and Kelly Cross are heading the study. Cross emphasized that they the research will focus on, “diversity and inclusion in STEM, intersectionality, teamwork and communication skills, assessment, and identity construction.”

The grant award says, “It will provide support for new approaches to foster inclusion and research on how to enable faculty and staff to become change agents” And that, “The project will identify issues faced by LGBTQ students and professionals in engineering, identify and implement strategies to create more welcoming engineering environments, and disseminate those strategies so that they can be expanded to a national level.”

“The results will be translated into practice through the iterative refinement of Virtual Community of Practice activities and implementation of promising practices to advance LGBTQ inclusion in engineering departments,”

Now that the gender agenda is seeping into the STEM fields, it won’t be too long until mandatory Social Justice classes will be the primary – and indeed only – focus of students going to state colleges to study STEM. STEM will soon be dead in this nation, and the Republican funded NSF will be to blame.