GOP Senator launches bruising, days-long attack against NY Times censorship

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Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) was censored by The New York Times–but he’s not going down without a fight.

Last week, staff at The New York Times grew furious over an op-ed Cotton printed in the newspaper–staging a “virtual walk out.”

In the op-ed, Corton criticized looters for exploiting the death of George Floyd, suggesting the military could be called in to stop the violence.

The Times apologized on Thursday for running the op-ed, writing: “We’ve examined the piece and the process leading up to its publication. This review made clear that a rushed editorial process led to the publication of an Op-Ed that did not meet our standards. As a result, we’re planning to examine both short term and long term changes, to include expanding our fact checking operation and reducing the number of Op-Eds we publish.”

Cotton’s team pushed back, demanding to know what about the “process”–which they called normal–was flawed. The paper did not respond.

From there, Cotton himself spent multiple days punching back against the newspaper.

“I’m enjoying the [New York Times] meltdown,” Cotton tweeted on Thursday. “But at the core, these are profoundly serious issues. There’s no debate on protecting the right to peacefully protest. But our society needs to be able to freely debate how to respond to the violence and the riots. That’s why I did, in serousness and good faith, by publishing my perspective.”

Cotton then called the “woke mob” at the New York Times “deeply unserious, uninterested in logic or fact.”

The next day, Cotton was still hitting–writing, “My view: Support peaceful protests. Stop violence and looting… [The New York Times] apologized for publishing this view, supported by a large majority of Americans?”

Cotton then slammed the paper for “their surrender of journalistic integrity to the woke mob.”

Cotton next wrote to the newspaper, “Did you have a late night trying to come up with an excuse to pretend you didn’t cave to the woke mob?”

After The New York Times apologized for not “fact-checking” the article appropriately, Cotton slammed back once more:

The paper “keeps implying there was a “fact-check issue,” wrote Cotton. “That’s false. The issue is that appeasing the woke mob was more important to [The New York Times] than preserving their integrity and credibility.”

On June 6, Cotton criticized the Times for not disciplining employees who engaged in a “virtual walkout,” saying the paper should have told them: “You’re no longer in a social justice seminar. In the real world, you need to act like an adult when you hear an opinion you disagree with. If you don’t like it, quit.”

On June 7, Cotton responded to another tweet by the New York Times, saying that they “should retract this smear,” after misquoting Cotton as calling for “military force against protesters.”

That evening, Cotton shared a Times op-ed defending pedophilia… and pointing out that “not a single member” of the Times staff cared.

On Monday afternoon, Cotton was still swinging–quoting a new policy from the Times that Cotton claimes “is urging staff to inform on peers for any deviation from the woke party line.”