Gay Cruz Host Fires Back At “Gay Extremist” Critics


Mati Weiderpass–the gay hotelier who hosted a “fireside chat” at his New York City home with Texas Senator Ted Cruz–is firing back at his “intolerant” critics on the Left.

Weiderpass, who’s a registered Democrat, and his partner, Ian Reisner, hosted Cruz in their house to discuss policy issues–primarily, Israel. They made it clear that the event was not a fundraiser or an endorsement of Cruz but, rather, a forum to exchange ideas with a man who might very well be the next President of the United States.

But since then, they’ve been targeted by the Left, who organized a major boycott of Weiderpass and Reisner’s businesses–they own the OUT Hotel brand, which caters to gay and lesbian travelers. They’ve also received what what Weiderpass describes as “attacks from gay extremists… [who] do not believe in dialogue.”

Weiderpass, in an op-ed for the New York Observer, asserted that, while he did not organize the dinner itself, he “embraced the opportunity” to host it and ask Cruz meaty policy questions.

Moreover, he saw the event as a way to foster dialogue across the aisle–and build consensus, writing: “In the past, dialogue and personalization of gay issues has been very effective at changing hearts and minds… Should Senator Cruz–and others we don’t agree with–never meet gay people?”

Unfortunately, the answer to that question–if you’re part of the increasingly intolerant liberal Left–is yes.

The Left genuinely believes that people like Ted Cruz, who don’t support gay marriage (a position Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama also held within the last five years), should be effectively shunned. Worse, they believe anyone who associates with them–even a gay Democrat entrepreneur like Weiderpass, who largely discussed completely unrelated topics with Cruz–should also be shunned.

This trend of chilling free speech occurs everywhere the Left touches–from race issues to college campuses. Their bunker mentality–that they’re always right, and conservatives are either stupid or evil for disagreeing, has already contributed substantially to gridlock. And, incidentally, prevents them from making a case and winning over more people to their cause in the first place.