Gay Community Screams “Anti-LGBT” Over Coming Trump Order

Only their rights matter . . . to them.

The gay rights group, GLADD, is calling it a “License to Discriminate.”

The advocacy group that pushes equal and preferential treatment for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders and “queers” has not seen the reported executive order on religious liberty that President Trump may soon release, but is planning to protest anyway.

The group is planning a protest at the Stonewall Inn in New York tonight.

At the National Prayer Breakfast this morning, Trump vowed to lift bans on political speech from churches and advance religious liberty.

With religious liberty, the new president was referring to the rash of civil cases in recent years that came to be known as the “cupcake wars.”

Several business have shuttered due to lawsuits from gay couples who took issue with bakers, photographers, etc., refusing to fulfill their requests.

Currently, a Christian baker who refuses to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple could end up losing everything.

In 2015, an Oregon bakery was ordered to pay $135,000 in damages for refusing to prepare a wedding cake for lesbian couple Laurel and Rachel Bowman-Cryer.

The business owners, Melissa and Aaron Klein cited religious reasons for their refusal and bake the cake. While they initially refused to pay the fine, they eventually paid the significant sum of money while also appealing the case in court.

Melissa and Aaron Klein are not alone. Other business owners have also been sued for their refusal across the United States turning the practice into a money-making scheme for gay couples.

By targeting Christian business owners with the anticipation they would refuse to work for them, gays and lesbians are able to establish a quick nest egg with settlement funds while business are forced to close or struggle to pay fines.

President Trump’s anticipated guidance on religious liberty is expected to put an end of the practice that provides preferential treatment to the gay community.

In a free society, private business have expressed rights to refuse service whether is for not wearing shirts and shoes, or for requesting services that violate personal values.

A religious liberty bill would also, for example, give a Jewish baker the right to refuse service to a neo-Nazi cake lover. That example came up for Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson who famously said the Jewish baker should be required to bake the cake – clearly the opposite of libertarianism.

For the GLAAD and the LGBT hordes, they won’t even give Trump the benefit of the doubt and wait until the order is released before crying “discrimination.”

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