Forget Putin, This Leader Is Trump’s Best Friend

Wednesday, Donald Trump and Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu met at the White House and looked very friendly. Move over Putin, this is Trump’s best friend.

In the joint press conference, the two laughed together and touched on a lot of issues facing our countries, but did it while praising each other.

Netanyahu said “there is no bigger supporter of Israel and the Jewish State than President Donald Trump.”

See the full press conference below.

Despite the close friendship between the two, and the leader of the only Jewish State claiming there is no bigger friend, Trump is still called a Nazi by the radical-left.

Although Trump and Netanyahu have a much better relationship than Obama did, they didn’t agree on everything.

Trump told the Israeli leader that he wanted him to “hold off on the settlements for a bit”. Netanyahu didn’t want to hear that, but laughed it off and eased tensions by saying it will be part of the negotiations.

The meeting of the two leaders is a promising step forward for both of our countries, and reaffirms the partnership between the only true democracy in the Middle East.

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