Fired For Honoring The Police?

Police Officer
Pretty soon it will be labeled a hate-crime to merely act civil towards the police...

Zachary Randolph, an employee for the Great American Cookies was put on suspension, for paying for an officer’s cookie.

Last Sunday, the eighteen year old employee for Great American Cookies was working at their outlet located at the Katy Mills Mall, Texas. It was then, that an on-duty cop had visited the store. Upon noticing the officer’s badge, the Randolph offered to pay for the officer with his own money. The officer then thanked the young employee and left the store shortly afterwards.

However, there was a family in line that were not quite fond of the teenager’s action. The family grew angry at Randolph and suggested that he should pay for their cookies.

It has been noted that the family approached the counter and urged the employee to buy them cookies.

Randolph’s mother described the series of event on her Facebook pose.

“Are you going to buy mine too?” they question. To this, the employee replied, “I’m sorry I bought his because he is wearing a badge.”

As per her post, things became very heated up at this point. The family went on to call Randolph racist and even threatened to “beat him up.”

“His wife threatened to go back there and slap him,” the post read. “The middle aged man sat down his little daughter and tried to come behind the counter to attack him. Thankfully his coworker defused the situation.”

“As soon as this man started the attack my son, he stepped back and walked away,” and that Randolph “said very little to this man.”

Despite the family rude behavior, it came as a shock when Randolph was fired after a complaint was made against him by the family.

As per Randolph’s mother, he was requested to meet the store’s management the next day. During the meeting Randolph was notified that he shall be suspended. “Since when does buying a police officer a cookie give anyone else a reason to attack someone,” his mother asked. “And when did a Corporation want to FIRE someone for being KIND, taking what a customer said or did, regardless of how hateful they are.”

“Great American Cookie Company you FAILED on this one……” she concluded. “Thankfully my son said he would do it again in a heartbeat.”