Feminists Declare War On The Urinal


So-called “gender equality” activists at Georgetown University have taken their fight to a new, incredibly ridiculous height: they’ve declared war on the urinal.

Yes. The urinal. The stand-up toilet for men is now seen as a symbol of “gender inequality.”

A number of students have joined the fight to make every bathroom gender-neutral–by banning the urinal. They’ve rallied under the banner: #EndUrinalPrivilege.

This, from the so-called “party of science.”

We can all agree that women can do anything men can do–but standing up while peeing is just, physically, not one of them. That’s not discrimination: that’s just science

Unfortunately for the swollen heads at Georgetown, they didn’t know that Campus Reform, a conservative news site, was the architect behind #EndUrinalPrivilege.

Yes. While students thought they were pledging their support for the next fight for gender equality, they were actually falling prey to a spoof campaign–designed to point out just how ridiculous some of their claims, in the name of “social justice” and “gender equality,” were in practice.

Because the whole point of #EndUrinalPrivilege was to prove just how far off the rails feminism has gone.

Unfortunately for our nation’s best and brightest, they couldn’t find the line between real equality and absolute farce. Which says a great deal about America’s next generation of leadership.