EXPOSED: Biden was arrested for creepy behavior in all-girls dorm

Apparently, Tara Reade was not Joe Biden’s first brush with sexual assault.

A newly-resurfaced clip from 2008 shows Joe Biden casually mentioning that he was “arrested” when he was in his 20s… for creepy behavior in an all-girls dorm.

Barack Obama’s running mate playfully admitted he was arrested more than 40 years ago,” said CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer in the clip. “Biden joked about it in Ohio.”

CNN then cuts to a silent video of Biden addressing a crowd. At the time, in October 2008, he was running as Barack Obama’s running mate.

“He said he was attending a football game between his university and Ohio University, and he mistakenly followed what he called – and I’m quoting now – ‘a lovely group of women’ into an all-female dormitory,” Blitzer continued.

“Biden says an officer quickly stopped him, noting that men were not allowed inside,” Blitzer said, adding that Biden had said it was “only a temporary detention.”

While the tone in 2008 may have been seen by CNN as playful, it has uncomfortable context considering Biden has been credibly accused of sexual assault.

Tara Reade, a former staffer, said that in 1993 Biden cornered her in a secluded hallway and digitally penetrated her.

Reade’s story was ignored for weeks by the mainstream media, until it was corroborated by an old video from her late mother. In 1993, her mother called into CNN’s “Larry King Live” for advice on dealing with her daughter’s “problems” with a “prominent Senator.”

Reade’s account has also been corroborated by her brother, a close friend, a former neighbor, and a former coworker. In addition, Reade’s ex-husband mentioned in a 1996 court document while they were divorcing that Reade had been sexually harassed while working in Biden’s office.

But Reade isn’t the only woman to come forward to say that she felt uncomfortable by Joe Biden’s advances. Last year, eight women came forward to say that Biden had inappropriately touched, kissed, or hugged them.