Eric Trump Pulls $98k Security Tab; Left Forgets Sasha and Malia Costs

The selective outcry over Secret Service protection

Just weeks ago, President Trump’s son Eric, co-heir to the Trump Organization with his brother, Donald Jr., took a business trip to Uruguay.

The trip was part of Eric Trump’s business dealings on behalf of the Trump real estate empire and cost American taxpayers, $97,830 due to hotel costs of Secret Service and embassy staff that accompanied the entrepreneur.

Security details have been offered to the immediate family of the President of the United States since 1917.

Even the immediate family of the Vice President has been afforded protection since 1984.

While the Chicago Times, Washington Post, Politico and many others were quick to report the cost, the established publications made little mention of Malia Obama’s Spring Break trip to Mexico in 2012 that cost taxpayers $115,500 according to government watchdog group, Judicial Watch.

Judicial Watch obtained the cost only after suing the United States government for the information.

Additionally, Malia and her sister, Sasha, vacationed in Cuba last year and the cost of that trip has yet to be disclosed.

Barack Obama’s vacations alone, not including family trips and outings are estimated to have cost U.S. Taxpayers $97 million.

However, facts didn’t get in the way of outraged liberals on twitter.

Regardless of political views, the expenditures call into question the policy of providing such expensive protection to any political family. Keep it or cut it? Comment below.