Deputize Project Veritas: Trump To Investigate Voter Fraud

After the media mocked President Donald Trump for saying he would have won the popular vote if it had not been for voter fraud, the newly minted Commander-In-Chief doubled down on his statement and announced an investigation into voter fraud.

The issue, has been largely ignored by the federal government, and during the last election Attorney General Loretta Lynch went so far as distributing a memo warning states to be on the lookout for groups looking to stop or catch voter fraud at the polls.

Her memo was clearly directed at the group Project Veritas and its founder, James O’Keefe.

Since 2012, the group has been investigating all types of voter fraud and has been offered the ballots of everyone from Attorney General Eric Holder to Rapper, Eminem.

The group could go further in its investigations if it were not for laws blocking their investigations and state and federal agencies chomping at the bit to put O’Keefe and his colleagues behind bars.

In 2012, the New Hampshire Attorney General’s office issued a subpoena for O’Keefe and threatened him with arrest for exposing voter fraud within the state.

Given Project Veritas is the organization with the most experience and confirmed results related to voter fraud, President Trump could provide testimonial immunity to O’Keefe and his investigators and allow them to operate without fear of prosecution.

The immunity may also result in the release of footage that may have been withheld from the public out of fear of prosecution by government actors looking for even the smallest of perceived violations.

If Donald Trump wants to get to the bottom of voter fraud and stop it, he has to prove it first, and that starts with the only group that has gone undercover, hundreds of times, to expose flaws within voting systems around the nation.