Dems Shuffle Leadership As Members Fall To Harassment Allegations

John Conyers
"I did not have sexually harassing relations with that woman"

In the race of taking the place of the Former Representative, John Conyers as the leading Democrat on the judiciary Committee, the Representative Jerrold Nadler came out as a winner at the end of the first half of the contest. He made this early victory for seniority, over a strong panel.

Nadler was recommended in a 41 – 18 vote conducted in the Democrat’s Steering and Policy Committee, in competition with the Representative Zoe Lofgren. Conyers was forced to resign earlier this year as he faced a bombardment of sexual harassment allegations.

“It turned out very nicely,” Nadler, commented about the votes, as he came out of a meeting in the Capitol basement.

The vote is merely a step in the procedure that leads another voting in the House Democratic Caucus, which is expected to take place on Wednesday, to finalize who succeeds Conyers. The second vote takes place only when the threshold of 14 votes is met. As Lofgren managed to get 14 votes, the second voting would now be the determinant of the victor.

Both the candidates – Nadler and Lofgren – in their 13th and 12th term respectively are a strong candidate and veterans who are widely respected and regarded for their work and contributions.

Nadler has the edge over Lofgren, as he had served the Judicial Committee as a member and has influential merit in terms of Democratic Caucus that automatically puts the candidate on premium seniority among the candidates. This works in Nadler’s favor, as the members of Congressional black Caucus – CBC, inclined to prefer seniority systems and reward the members according to the time they have served them. House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi also supported the plan with very little exceptions.

Further working in Nadler’s favor is his experience and expertise as the constitutional expert among all of the House democrats. And the appeal that Nadler has been using among his colleagues in recent weeks, includes an argument that emphasizes on the constitutional crisis that the Trump is facing regarding his ongoing investigations that he is more than qualified to manage.

The strong inclination in the vote on the Steering and Policy committee, which is strongly influenced by Nancy Pelosi, another indication that his pitch is working and is accepted at large.

The Democrats are set to meet on Wednesday at 9 am, in the Capitol, to choose the final winner between Nadler and Lofgren. Representative Rosa DeLauro, the chairwoman of the steering committee has strongly warned against the notion that Nadler’s victory on Tuesday would also reflect on Wednesday’s vote.

“You never know in this institution,” she had said. “We take ’em one vote at a time.”