Democrats Selling Fear And Protestors Pay The Price


Donald Trump has defied all the odds and is close to locking up the nomination for the GOP candidate for President, but some people really don’t like the guy. They despise Donald Trump so much they protest and fight with police and get arrested.

Just last night 20 violent protestors were arrested outside another Donald Trump rally.

We didn’t say they were the smartest people, we just said that they don’t like Trump. Why? Well in southern California, the location of last night’s raucous rally, the top issue is the now famous “wall”.

Southern California’s Hispanic population is quite large and the single largest concentration in the United States. Huge amounts of people have family and relatives in Mexico and South America, and they fear they won’t see them again.

The liberal media has lied to Hispanics, and convinced the people that Trump said all Mexicans are “rapists and criminals”. Trump doesn’t want to give our country away and he wants to stop illegal immigration. Of course the people that are taking advantage of the system are going to be upset when someone wants to change it.

The problem is, when people turn violent they lose credibility. Look at Trump himself. When his rallies were violent, then he actually lost a little in the polls and Cruz was able to capitalize… a little.

This time, there is no evidence that any Trump supporter started the fights. Instead, the protestors instigated them all.

The protestors were vocal, rude and violent. In the below video you can see them stomping on a police car and yelling obscenities. Caution, this video contains strong language.

If these kinds of protests continue, expect to see Donald’s base grow. More people will see that something has to be done and join with Donald because all Hillary wants to do is let all illegals vote, since they will vote Democrat.

This year we have even seen George Soros and others pay protestors to go to Trump rallies and start problems, but it is all backfiring. America is tired of this mess.

Thoughtful and peaceful protests can do so much more good, but that isn’t what we are seeing.

Unfortunately, when Trump gets the nomination, things are going to get a lot worse, because now the Democrats are selling “fear” like they blame the Republicans of doing. Vote Hillary or you will be deported. Oh, and because she is a woman.

What is happening is disgraceful and the media and the Democratic party are complicit. It is Hillary and Bernie and the left wing media that is fanning the flames with inaccurate Trump quotes and calling him “racist”.

In a fair fight though, Hillary will always lose. She knows this and the American people are starting to learn. Hopefully the protestors start to learn too and take a different approach.

What do you think? Will you vote for Trump despite the protests?