Democratic Gov. risked lives to oppose Trump. Now she’s begging for his help.

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Last week, Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer chose to risk the lives of her own people to give President Trump the middle-finger–with a sudden ban on hydroxychloroquine, a lifesaving drug Trump had mentioned as a potential Coronavrius treatment.

Now? Michigan has the third-highest number of Coronavirus cases in the nation… and Whitmer has been forced to beg the Trump administration for help in securing the drug.

Whitmer received huge criticism last Wednesday when, seemingly out of nowhere, her Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs announced a crackdown on hydroxychloroquine–a common anti-malaria drug that has been in use for decades.

The order warned doctors that they would be held liable for writing prescriptions “without a legitimate medical purpose.” Prescribing hydroxychloroquine could be “further investigated for administrative action.

The order also called for other health professions to report other doctors for “inappropriate prescribing practices” and called on pharmacists to refuse to fill prescriptions that lacked “legitimacy.”

At the time, hydroxychloroquine had shown promise in certain cases both domestically and abroad but had not yet received widespread approval by the FDA. Doctors, however, were free to prescribe it “off-label” in severe cases, since the drug is safe for human consumption.

Now, however, the FDA has granted emergency approval of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for Coronavirus.

That apparently caused a problem for Whitmer–who had chosen to play politics with the lifesaving pharmaceutical–because the state now faces a severe shortage of hydroxychloroquine.

Whitmer’s administration had quietly removed the language in the order that threatened doctors.

Whitmer’s administration also announced they’re “pursuing a request” to receive the drugs from the Strategic National Stockpile.

It’s not clear how many doses Whitmer is asking for–or how many Michigan will ultimately receive–but it’s clear: she shouldn’t have put her hatred of President Trump over the lives of Michiganders.