Dem Harris Backpedals On Promise To Crack Down On Human Trafficking

Kamala Harris
"Well, you see, I had a change of heart after John Podesta called me..."

Despite the Senator Kamala Harris’s campaign against the well-known prostitution, and human trafficking site, “Backpages”, she has refused to supporter legislation that would allow families of trafficked victims to sue the website over the sexual abuse of their often minor-aged kidnap victims.

While serving as California’s Attorney General – before she became a US Senator – she crusaded against the website, “Backpages,” calling it , “the world’s top online brothel.” As AG, she also led investigations into the site which led to accusations of child sex trafficking against the website.

However her bid to “be a power broker has her walking a delicate political tightrope” on the sex-trafficking issue and a bill to combat it, McClatchy recently reported.

The bill, which she has refused to support, is called the Stop Enabling Sex Trafficking Act SESTA), and would codify into law numerous changes that Harris herself advocated for and formulated as Attorney General of California. This bipartisan legislation, is supported by lead senators Rob Portman, and Richard Blumenthal, and has the pledged support of Senators across the ideological spectrum such Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and arc-liberals like Maggie Hassan, and Tammy Duckworth.

Lisa Thompson, the vice president for the National Center on the Sexual Exploitation said, “Anyone who has her visibility on an issue such as and is not signed onto the bill—people are just puzzled, and it doesn’t look good for her.”

Some commentators note that, since Harris is now directly representing the interests of Silicon Valley internet giants as senator, she had had to abandon her previous position. Google, Facebook, and other powerful Silicon Valley Giants strongly oppose the passage of this human trafficking bill.

Jamie Court, the President of the nonprofit consumer advocacy group called the Consumer Watchdog, says, “Harris has a bit of a split personality. She really was a dogged advocate for these families of victims when she was attorney general.”

It is easy to go after the owners of, whom Court described as three millionaires who have profited from “despicable acts on the Internet.”

He further added, “It’s a whole different thing to go up against a company that you can’t avoid on the Internet who also are formidable Democratic donors whose politics, other than this, probably largely match your own.”

As per a study, Harris received a total sum of $213,341 from the tech sector, ranking her No. 4 in highest donations after only Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.