Death Threats Or More Lies?

Death Threat

Former Breitbart reporter, Michelle Fields, who has pressed assault charges against Donald Trump’s campaign manager, has now given a recording of a death threat to Glenn Beck’s The Blaze.

The recording of the death threat has a man telling Fields that he is going to kill her and that she has a very limited time to drop the charges. The DC police are investigating and, for the time being, she has moved out of her apartment.

The death threats to her home phone exploded after Fox News and Buzz Feed both published her personal contact information, which was on the police report for the arrest of Corey Lewandowski.

The death threats came after her information was released to the public and the following is one of the threatening calls that she sold to the Blaze.

Michelle handled the call very well.

To keep this in perspective, Michelle Fields has had a shaky past as a journalist and some of her statements regarding the incident with Trump’s campaign manager were proven incorrect or misleading after the video was released. She was also the one who grabbed Donald Trump first, which sparked the whole incident.

Michelle is someone who clearly has it out to destroy Trump. You know who else has it out for Trump? Glenn Beck. Glenn Beck runs The Blaze, the “news” website that released the above video.

Don’t believe me? Here is a video of Glenn Beck calling Trump, Hitler.

The rumors are swirling around whether this is a true recording or is it fake. It has a lot of clues to hint that it was faked to make Donald Trump look bad. It could very well be real and The Blaze decided to pay more than anyone else for it.

The truth will have to be investigated, but that hasn’t stopped the media running with the headline, “Trump Supporters Threaten Death To Reporter”.

In this headline-only society, people will take that to heart and think less of Donald Trump, when most likely he had absolutely nothing to do with it.

We don’t know who did it, and it warrants an investigation but by the time that is concluded, but it won’t matter. Michelle got her money, The Blaze got their page views, Cruz picked up a few supporters and Donald might lose a few supporters.