Danny DeVito Thinks You’re A Racist

Danny DeVito

The race controversy over the Academy Awards gained momentum over the weekend as actor Danny DeVito went on camera to say, “America is a racist country.”

The actor, using broad strokes to paint the entire country, took the actions of the 6,028 voting members of the Academy Awards and applied it to the entire nation.

The executives in charge of the voting process for the awards have pledged to change the racial profile of the organization in order to be more “inclusive.”

The flap, now with its own active hashtag #oscarssowhite, was panned on Saturday Night Live with their version of the Oscars.

The #OscarsSoWhite movement is taken both seriously and comically on Twitter:

The star of “Throw Mamma From the Train” who is likely a member of the Academy, did not say what black films or actors he voted for this year’s recognition.