Cruz’s Creepy College Past Comes Back To Haunt Him


After a video was released days ago showing an 18 year-old Ted Cruz admitting his aspiration in life was “world domination,” a closer look has been taken at Cruz’s earlier life and relations.

While the half-hearted words of an 18 year old should be taken lightly, the presidential candidate has an odd consistency in his beliefs and goals.

In late 2015, a longtime friend of Cruz, David Panton, told the Daily Beast, “He’s not someone who shifts in the wind. The Ted Cruz that I knew at 17 years old is exactly the same as the Ted Cruz I know at 42 years old.”

The statement, combined with Cruz’s through-the-roof ambition is a dangerous combination for a possible future president.

Other classmates of the Texas senator described him as, “abrasive,” “arrogant,” “crank” and “creepy.”

The harshest criticism comes from Cruz’ old college roomy, Craig Mazin.

Mazin lived with Cruz for a year and has taken to Twitter to give outsiders a glimpse at the character of Cruz:

In fairness, Mazin is also no fan of Donald Trump:

While the first video of a young Ted Cruz has been released to a political operative, expect many more to come.

In case you missed it, here’s the video: