Consumers Send Big Message To Celebrity Trump Haters

Everyone knew that the Grammy Awards were going to politically charged with anti-Trump rhetoric from the overwhelming liberal leaning music industry.

What we didn’t expect was Joy Villa coming tearing off her white dress to reveal a “make America great again” gown.

The gown was created by a gay, immigrant designer name Andre Soriano.

Joy made a statement on the red carpet, but then something amazing happened.

Joy Villa’s album sales shot up almost immediately and as of the publishing of this article, Joy’s album hit number one on the Amazon and iTunes charts.

The support is incredible and it shows how powerful the so-called “silent majority” really is.

It goes to show that there are a lot of people out there that support celebrities going against the grain and standing up for what they believe in, if it is the most unpopular thought in the room.

Music fans everywhere sent a big message to the industry today. If you stop bashing Trump, you might make more money.

Congratulations to Joy Villa for having the courage to support Trump despite the celebrity mob mentality and for reaching number one on iTunes and Amazon.

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