Conservatives Explode with Anger over ObamaCare 2.0

This, shall not pass.

This didn’t take long.

Before 24 hours had passed from the release of the GOP’s replacement of ObamaCare, the public was already working itself into a frenzy over what critics are calling “ObamaCare 2.0.”

In last night’s program, Sean Hannity said this could turn into an “all out civil war” if the bill were not fixed.

Talk radio host Mark Levin called it “RinoCare” and even Steve Bannon’s Breitbart said, “Obamacare 2.0 guts enforcement, gives illegal aliens health care through identity fraud.”

But how is the public responding?

Let’s take a look:

The above is one of tens of thousands of negative comments on the GOP’s proposed American Health Care Act.

After hours of searching, not a single positive comment could be found on Twitter out side of the Republican establishment and the duped Trump Administration.

For a list of those supporting it, it’s a whose-who of establishment hacks including Karl Rove and the National Review Online (who started the Never Trump movement).

It looks like Paul Ryan and the Trump Administration will have an uphill battle as they attempt to amend ObamaCare rather than fulfilling their promise to repeal and replace Barack Obama’s signature legislation.