CNN Boycott Forming with Help of Fed Up Activists

Following the latest “fake news” flap by CNN and their pushing of a falsified intelligence report, moves to #BoycottCNN has reached an all-time hight on twitter.

The Cable News Network, which has been in a ratings free-fall following the election, was embarrassed on Wednesday when President Elect Donald Trump refused a CNN reporter to ask a questions, telling the man, “You are fake news!”

Conservative activists have gone so far as proposing “cord cutting” which is cancelling cable subscriptions all together to boycott all of the corporate media.

Others plan on cutting off the network’s funding by targeting CNN’s advertisers.

That list includes AstraZeneca, E-Trade, Wells Fargo, Philips, Subaru, Geico, Boston Market, Sprint, Dodge, University of Phoenix, Cisco, Exxon Mobil and a host of others.

Late last year, liberal activists targeted advertisers for Breitbart and were successful in getting Kellogg and others to pull advertising from the site.

CNN is owned by Time Warner which also owns HBO, TBS, Warner Brothers, and DC Comics.