Clinton Says She Should Debate Any Time… Then Does This…


Hillary Clinton was in a heated battle against Barack Obama in 2008 and was losing ground to the change-promising senator from Illinois.

When the chips were down she said this:

She said that when the chips where down, but now that the FBI has a criminal investigation, Bernie Sanders is gaining ground on her and the Trump is attacking, Hillary has a different opinion.

Bernie Sanders agreed to a Fox News Debate before the June 7th primary in California, but a Clinton spokesperson declined the invitation for the former Secretary.

Not accepting the invitation to the debate really shows what kind of leader Hillary will be if she becomes president.

She won’t make herself available, but we already know that. She has done fewer press events than any other top contender on either side this season. She has a lot of faults and she tries to hide them. For years she has done a good job, but things seem to be unraveling and Bernie Sanders will not go away (and neither will the FBI).

It all comes down to California. If she can win there, Bernie really has no chance but to get out of the race. He could decide to do what Ted Cruz and John Kasich were trying to do this past winter and draw it out to convention and win it there.

Unlike the GOP, there is a real possibility that Bernie could walk out of Philadelphia with the nomination, but it all depends on California.

With California being so important, you would think Hillary would stand by her comments in 2008, but it doesn’t look like that is the case.

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