Climate Change Is Inevitable, But Is Global Warming A Scam?

If you don’t think that man is ruining our earth and causing the world to heat up at record rates until the polar ice caps melt and flood us all, then you are a climate denier. One who denies “proven facts” about the damage humans are doing to our planet.

Climate deniers are regarded in the liberal’s mind as dwelling somewhere in the depths of hell above a white supremacist but worse than a homophobe. How can anyone deny science?

Easy… the science that is being peddled now as fact that our earth is warming and we are the cause of it is turning out it could inaccurate. Again.

Thanks to a brave whistleblower, John Bates, we have learned that a landmark scientific paper about our globe warming since 2000 is filled with un-proven data. The same report that world leaders used to justify signing the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Lamar Smith, Congress member from Texas is calling for Congress to take a deeper look into the controversial paper and the new information released by the whistleblower. Smith is also the chair of the House of Representatives’ science committee.

NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration provide more global climate data than any other source. If they are publishing false or unverified data, what can we really trust?

Climate Change is inevitable, regardless of what anyone says. Just the name speaks the ever evolving weather and climate patterns of our earth, but they are completely natural.

Global Warming is attributed to pollution’s effect on our climate that says humanity’s waste is causing the world to heat up and we are causing our own destruction.

The truth is, the data that the world leaders trusted to sign the Paris Agreement could be false and the world might not be warming at all. The agreement applies incredible burdens on countries to reduce pollution and it will effect every household in the United States. Everything in the agreement was based on scientific data that not be accurate. That should make us all a little skeptical.

Of course we should take the best steps possible to reduce our pollution and dependence on oil, but we shouldn’t restrict countries the way the Paris Agreement was written. The agreement may not even be needed anymore.

We don’t know what to believe, but at this point, anyone who isn’t a “climate skeptic” is kidding himself or herself. There is not enough data, regardless of how many movies Al Gore makes, that can prove that we are causing the earth to warm up. We don’t even know if our earth is warming up.

Who can trust fake data? Until NOAA or any other organization can provide accurate information on Global Warming and proven science that has been peer reviewed, we must remain skeptical. That is how science works.

Then again, if someone asks you if you believe in climate change, say, “Yes”. There is a 100% chance the climate will change before you go to bed tonight, but that doesn’t mean that it was man made.

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