Can Trump Keep Bradley Manning Behind Bars?

Can we keep Bradley boy behind bars?

Freshly commuted federal prisoner, Bradley “Chelsea” Manning, took to the opinion pages to the U.K. Guardian this week to criticize the man who is releasing him from behind bars, President Obama.

In one of his many final acts, Barack Obama commuted the sentence of Manning who is incarcerated on charges of treason for stealing and releasing tens of thousands of classified cables to the group, WikiLeaks.

Bradley Manning had no reason to release the classified documents other than the release from stress it provided the gay many who claims to suffer from “gender dysphoria.”

Manning has requested the federal government pay for his sex change operation while behind bars.

Now, the feds can forget about the request as Manning is scheduled for release in the coming months.

To show his gratitude for the new found freedom, Manning wrote in his piece published in the Guardian, that Obama was a “weak leader” who started his administration with compromise.

While Obama has thus far been silent on the issue, President Trump has not as he tweeted this morning:

Brad Manning, who is able to maintain a Twitter account by literally phoning in his tweets, responded with “OK? Whatevs” while linking to a Jay-Z video, “Dirt of your shoulder.”

If a legal method exists to keep Manning locked up indefinitely, Trump supporters encourage the president to pursue it.