California “Error” Gives Immigrants The Vote

California Voter
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A “processing error” at the California DMV has given a number of non-citizens the right to vote.

According to the DMV, about 1,500 people may have been incorrectly registered to vote, including a number of legal residents who do not have U.S. citizenship.

The DMV chalked this up to a “processing error” and assured the public that the California Secretary of State’s office would cancel the unlawful voter registrations.

The error comes just a month after the DMV admitted it may have screwed up 23,000 voter registrations because of a separate error with its new “motor voter” registration system.

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla, however, didn’t accept the DMV’s apology this time around–eviscerating them in a letter than expressed how “deeply frustrated and disappointed” he was in their “persistent errors.”

Early voting for California began Monday, this week.