California begs Trump: keep out illegals!


Coronavirus is making strange bedfellows.

Leaders from the self-declared “sanctuary state” of California are now begging President Trump to secure the border and keep illegal immigrants out.

As coronavirus spreads in northern Mexico, leaders in California fear that Mexico’s weak healthcare system is sending sick Mexicans racing across the border… which could endanger the health of Californians.

Kristin Gaspar, the supervisor for San Diego County’s Third District, wrote a letter to Vice President Mike Pence, explaining the situations.

Gaspar wrote that medical professionals in San Diego are “increasingly worried about the rapid spread of COVID-19 in northern Mexico” because it was beginning to “a sudden influx of critically ill patients from Mexico.”

Gaspar pleaded with the Trump Administration to help the community stop the crisis before it spiraled out of control.

While offering to help, President Trump still couldn’t resist twisting the knife at one of the nation’s most liberal states… taking to Twitter to write:

“Mexico is sadly experiencing very big CoronaVirus problems,” he wrote. “And now California, get this, doesn’t want people coming over the Southern Border. A Classic! They are sooo lucky that I am their President. Border is very tight and the Wall is rapidly being built!”

President Trump’s leadership on coronavirus has attracted widespread positive attention–including from California’s Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom, who called Trump’s response “everything that I could have hoped for” and praised the President’s team for having “followed through on… conversation, commitment.”