BREAKING: Cure for Coronavirus Found?

coronavirus cure

Doctors in South Korea have stumbled upon a highly effective treatment for Coronavirus: chloroquine, an existing anti-malaria drug.

On Thursday, President Trump announced that the FDA would fast-track testing, so the drug can quickly get the green line for use in American hospitals. 

Dr. Stephen Hahn, the FDA commissioner, also spoke during the President’s press conference, saying, “We will collect that data and make the absolute right decisions based upon those data about the safety and efficacy of the treatments.”

President Trump vowed to help this critical treatment get approved as soon as possible, saying that the White House has “slashed red tape” to speed up approvals for anything related to Coronavirus.

While chloroquine hasn’t yet been approved for widespread use, Trump also announced the FDA had approved it for “compassionate use” in severe cases. Basically, patients can receive chloroquine from their doctors if it’s a matter of life and death.

In addition to chloroquine, which is already approved to administer for malaria, lupus, and arthritis, doctors and scientists are also working to create a vaccine.

The first vaccine clinical trial began on Monday in Seattle, though a functioning vaccine isn’t expected to hit the market for 12 months.