Blind Muslim Trump-Hater Caught Sending Hate Tweets To Himself

Blind Tweeter
"Well oh my, look at how mean I was to myself..."

A man named Shaf Patel criticized President Trump on Twitter—claiming that he received repeated hate tweets from “Trump supporters.”

But then Patel forgot to switch accounts—and accidentally sent a hate tweet to himself under his own name.

Patel first responded to President Trump’s message on December 24, wishing his supporters a merry Christmas. Patel wrote: “Twitter is finally taking hate speech & racism seriously! Out of all of the racist and insulting direct messages I receive from your supporters and report, 99% of those have been suspended. Peace, love and respect will always win over hate, Donald.”

Patel then responded to a different Twitter user who had commented on Trump’s tweet, writing: “GO BACK TO YOUR F**KING COUNTRY WHERE YOU BELONG YOU ANTIAMERICAN LIBTARD ILLEGAL.”

Unfortunately for Patel, he forgot to switch accounts, and wound up tweeting it under his own name.

Peace, love, and respect indeed.