Black NHL Player Tears Apart The Left Over Anthem Protests

Patriotic Hockey Player
Even Canadian-born hockey players have more patriotism and respect for America than our liberals...

The most prominent black NHL player refuses to kneel for the National Anthem.

Nashville Predators player P.K. Subban, who is actually Canadian, spoke at a fundraiser in Nashville, and told fellow attendees that he would never take a knee for the anthem, because he has too much respect for the American flag and what it represents.

According to eyewitness Seth Dean, Subban said that he “will continue to stand, respect, and sing along with the U.S. anthem.” Subban also referenced a friend of his who works in law enforcement in Boston.

Dean added that Subban “even jokingly suggested we should all stand and sing anthem there at [the fundraiser] (which didn’t happen). He… made his support for anthem as unequivocal as he possibly could.”

Another attendee, who was only identified by her first name Hailey, emailed Yahoo Sports, elaborating on the event: Subban said that “despite his previous dancing antics during the national anthem, he would NEVER kneel during the national anthem, followed by a long rant about his ‘respect’ for the American flag.”

As a wave of political correctness engulfs the National Football League, it’s clear that American football players can learn something about respect for their country from a hockey-playing Canadian like P.K. Subban.