Black Lives Matter mural defaced… by far-left activists

mural defaced

The large, iconic, yellow letters spelling out “BLACK LIVES MATTER” in front of the White House were defaced after one day… by far-left activists.

On Saturday, a group called Black Lives Matter DC altered the mural with additional letters, and turned the D.C. flag–three stars, and two bars–into an equals sign. The street mural now reads “BLACK LIVES MATTER = DEFUND THE POLICE.”

The alteration was done in about 20 minutes on Saturday night, as a large crowd looked on.

“This is ours. This is all ours. This city is ours,” one organizer shouted, during the act of civic vandalism. “These streets? Ours.”

Makia Green, a leader for the group, said that the added language was a “direct response” to Mayor Bowser’s original message.

The group had previously called the mural “a performative distraction from real policy changes,” while criticizing Bowser for not supporting the movement’s policies in the past.

On Sunday morning, the city’s department of public works repainted the missing stars in the D.C. flag–but didn’t touch the “defund the police” message.

Despite the group’s dissatisfaction with Bowser’s original message, the mayor’s strong statement in favor of Black Lives Matter attracted huge attention nationwide–and spurred similar slogans in cities across the country.