Black Lives Matter More To Facebook Than Your Lives


In a startling article written by Gizmodo after several conversations with former Facebook employees, the tech blog discovered that Facebook employees made Black Lives Matter trend.

The news section of Facebook alerts the users to the trending topics, the news that most people are talking about and sharing. The news should be a direct reflection of what is going on in the world and the topics that are most important to the users.

What Facebook did was make #BlackLivesMatter trend when there were not that many people talking about it. They inserted the movement into the news to make it news.

This may not seem like a huge deal, but coupled with the reports of Facebook ignoring conservative topics in the same news feed, it shows how influential the company really is.

By downplaying the right and giving support to the left, it does sway public opinion. Millions of Americans look to Facebook as their main news source. How can we have an informed public that only gets one-sided news?

The power that Facebook possesses is scary.

Facebook has the ability to sway public opinion on topics simply by controlling what topics people see.

Here is an example.

Anyone can go on Facebook and post a video about a Trump rally. If they post a video on how the Trump protestors are violent, it doesn’t mean anyone can see it. What if Facebook censors that video?

On the other hand, if you post a video of a Trump supporter being violent it can instantly go viral because Facebook made sure it appeared on everyone’s newsfeed.

Now think about how that skews the public’s perception. They see hundreds and thousands of people share a video of a violent Trump supporter but they don’t see any violence from the other side.

The public’s perception of the Trump rally is that the supporters caused all the violence. Half of the story has been intentionally censored.

That is the problem. So many people scroll through Facebook to get news and form opinions that unless the information is shared evenly, it gives an incredible advantage to the people at Facebook and the movements and politicians they support.

What does Facebook say about all of this? They are denying it.

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