Black Entitlement On A Rapid Rise

black entitlement

In case you have never heard of Kanye West, he was raised by his mother, a university professor, while his father was a Black Panther turned Christian counselor, turned entrepreneur.

Kanye, despite being raised in a solid, middle-class home (even living in China as a child), is now one of America’s top Hip Hop artists and the leading proponent of Black Entitlement, despite his ability to generate enormous wealth.

Married to a Kardashian (OJ Simpson attorney money), the artist now claims to be over $50 million in debt and wants a bailout.

Oddly enough, the rapper recently tweeted to Rolling Stone and other “white publications” to “please do not comment on black music anymore” just hours after he asked a white, rich billionaire for help:

Either Kanye isn’t too bright or he’s playing on “white guilt” that seems to be on the rise.

Oh, wait, Kanye just tweeted again . . . yep, it’s white guilt:

Kanye West aside, Beyoncé defended her Super Bowl 50 performance as “artistic expression” which may be the new term for entitled racism.

Wealthy black entertainers have a new tactic they are deploying to bring them back to their “roots” in the eyes of their fans – the reality is that their true roots are as suburban and white as most of middle class America.

But the Black Community is falling for the branding campaign and have shot past calls for equality and instead are now screaming for entitlement . . . free education, housing and healthcare.

Sadly, due to the pressure of the phenomenon now known as “white guilt,” America is falling for it.